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Industrial Cleaning Print E-mail

When was the last time you cleaned your business' equipment or building?Within the Alpha Express family, we offer a variety of industrial cleaning and maintenance solutions through Alpha Express Services. We started offering these services in 2004 after we realized that many local businesses were unable to efficiently clean parking lots for their customers.

From there, we saw there was a need to increase accessibility and reduce confusion among customers, which is why we began our striping and sweeping services. Now, our industrial cleaning services can help churches, offices and stadium areas be in tip-top shape.

Our industrial cleaning services will help ensure that your business remains in compliance with all health and safety regulations, while making a positive impression on your customers and employees.

Just like our Alpha Express delivery services, we offer a wide range of options at affordable prices. We may be known to be first in delivery, but we are also first in cleaning. We offer the following industrial cleaning and maintenance solutions:

Machinery maintenance

The manufacturing industry has historically been a key contributor to the American economy. Every day, factories across a variety of sectors rely on specialized machines and equipment to assemble products. Over time, machinery can be worn down by heavy use or affected by accumulating debris — let Alpha Express Services help extend the lifespan of your equipment through regular cleaning and maintenance.

When was the last time your business closely examined the condition of your machinery? If there is an accumulation of soot, dirt, resin, tar, resin, mildew, adhesives, ink, oil or paint, it may be time to do a thorough round of cleaning.

Cleaning - Businesses typically lose productive time due to cleaning. But modern cleaning methods such as the use of dry ice have expedited this process -- limiting loss of production to hours instead of days. The cost of purchasing these industrial appliances is high, so setting aside the time to protect the condition of this equipment can save a business a significant amount of money in the long run.

Lubrication - Similar to passenger cars, industrial machinery needs to remain well-lubricated to function properly. Without regular lubrication, equipment will dry out and need repairs that will disrupt operations. In today's economy, efficiency is essential, so don't overlook the value of lubricating your industrial equipment.

HVAC cleaning and maintenance

Every home and business owner should look into cleaning their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units. After years of use, these units collect debris, dust and pollutants from indoor and outdoor activities.

Filters for HVAC units are typically replaced every year to improve efficiency and air quality in homes and offices. Delaying this replacement can lead to an increase in allergens and bacteria-carrying dust particles.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends reaching out to an industrial cleaning provider to examine your building's heating and cooling system to see if there is accumulated mold, moisture or vermin infestations. Many of these problems are not visible to the plain eye.

Every three to five years, a complete air duct cleaning may be needed. This is a labor-intensive process that cleans out the fan motor, air handling units, grills, diffusers and HVAC coils. Our experienced staff can complete all of these tasks at a price your organization will feel comfortable with.

Confined space entry cleaning

Although a confined space may have enough room for a staff member to enter and exit the area, there may not be much room for cleaning these tanks, silos and other industrial equipment. These operations can be risky and, depending on the type of machinery being cleaned, some confined spaces require a permit prior to entering. Reaching out to an industrial cleaning provider helps ensure that these units can be safely cleaned.

At Alpha Services, our staff know how to safely work around large machinery that may cause electric shock or heat stress. Additional risks around cleaning or removing confined space materials include low oxygen levels or high concentrations of carbon dioxide. OSHA found that 85 percent of confined space related injuries could be prevented through working with knowledgeable personnel. Allow us to clean up a recent spill, remove equipment or simply maintain the confined space.

Industrial vacuuming

Cleaner workspaces allow employees and customers to breathe cleaner air. Dust particles, allergens and bacteria can build up on carpet, tile and hardwood floors, so it is important to give these surfaces a deep clean. Traditional brushes and mops leave residue behind, making them less effective than our industry-leading equipment.

Industrial vacuuming is not only for monthly clean up sessions, we are available to remove harmful chemicals and materials like asbestos as well. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on heavy-duty machinery, reach out to Alpha Express Services, where our vacuums can pick up dry and wet debris without emitting dust into the air.

Pit cleaning

These large holdings of waste, storm water, sledge and grease can cause a host of problems. Over time, these pits may back up to a point where materials are no longer able to pass through drains and sewers, which may surface and release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Car washes, elevators, zoos, community sewers and factories can benefit from this industrial cleaning service.

The days of squeezing into a tight and hard to breathe area to clean these pits can be a thing of the past with the support of Alpha Express Services.

Time and again, we have seen businesses avoid cleaning pits for many years, which has negatively affected efficiency and workflow. Alpha Express Services has experience in getting to these confined areas, as well as removing the material that is blocking passageways.

Environmental cleaning

We are fully aware that many chemicals and industrial cleaning methods out there may cause adverse effects to those who inhale some of these products. As a way to keep others from harm, we continue to clean up harmful waste in a timely manner, decreasing the amount of time that these dangerous materials are exposed into the atmosphere. Please feel free to inquire about our collection of environmentally friendly cleaning equipment and PM items.

Metal fabrication and welding

Reconstructing steel, aluminum and other metals is not an easy task. In order to melt these materials to weld on top of other structures, workers have to use powerful, specialized equipment. Not only is this machinery expensive to purchase, but a metal fabrication or welding project cannot be done just by anyone. At Alpha Express Services, we have the tools and trained staff to safely mend holes or cracks on fire escapes, pipes or industrial equipment.

Power washing

Over the years, all types of structures go through wear and tear from the weather and human activity. Accumulating grime, sludge and oil can cause more harm to the building than you may think. If a significant build up of these materials is allowed, it can clog vents or other passageways, which may lead to localized flooding on the property. The last thing any of us wants is to repair cracked ceilings or siding, so why not give the property a heavy-duty wash?

Our high or low pressure cleaning methods will remove layers of gunk from your building, making it look refreshed and new. Image is everything in the business world, so if your office looks good from the outside, it may invite others to see what you have to offer on the inside. Restaurants especially can benefit from a power wash because the vents may be filled with old food or oil particles — reducing the efficiency of these ventilation systems.

However, we are not limited to power washing buildings. We clean parking lots, large equipment and anything else in between. Whenever conventional cleaning methods don't work, consider commercial power washing instead. We are even available for these services during the winter months because we understand how damaging rock salt can be to your company's sidewalk.

Dock cleaning

In the Midwest, our roadways see thousands of trucks hauling food and supplies. Although these items are carried on large pallets, when was the last time your company cleaned up the loading dock? Leftover dirt and spilled materials on the floor of these structures can make unloading and reloading products difficult. In addition, an unsanitary loading dock may be off-putting to the drivers who pull in to deliver shipments.

Instead of putting your staff's well-being at risk, why not get one of our professionals to clean the loading docks? This way, incoming loaders will be able to expedite their delivery and carry on with their day.

Indoor and outdoor sweeping

We use a combination of vacuums and brooms to ensure your work area is free of debris and dust. Accumulation of these particles may make it difficult for your employees to be productive at work. If they are unable to breathe, how can they do their job? If our machinery is unable to reach corners or smaller areas, our Alpha Express Services staff will make sure all crevices are clean.

Is your town hosting a large outdoor event on the Main Street? We can expedite the cleaning process with our outdoor sweeping equipment. After a day of food, drinks and paper flying all over the place, the last thing your community needs is an unkempt public area. Ignoring the need to clean up the mess is unacceptable — let the team that is first in industrial cleaning to do the heavy lifting.

Line painting

Painting lines, arrows and warnings in parking lots was one of Alpha Express Services' earliest offerings. We noticed that many businesses had worn down parking lots that lacked the proper lines for incoming traffic and disabled customers, so we decided to offer line painting services.

Parking lots that fail to identify what constitutes a parking spot, fire line or area for handicapped people may be subjected to fines under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Don't put your company at risk of being found in violation of these standards — our professional staff can maintain this space for you. Line painting services can also be done inside of warehouses, factories and sports venues for nearby pedestrians and participants.

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