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Providing the best in delivery service since 1989 on a local, regional and national level.

Iowa Location
P.O. Box 2714
Waterloo, IA 50704-2714
Office Phone: (319) 235-9713
Office Fax: (319) 235-2193

24 Hr. Dispatch Line: (319) 235-9008

General Inquiries: alphadeliveries@aol.com

Dispatch Inquiries: alphadeliveries@gmail.com

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homepageLately, businesses in Iowa seem to face a more stable financial future than those in the rest of the Midwest region and elsewhere in the United States. Quarterly earnings in the first part of 2013 were up 1.24 percent, whereas the national average showed 0.18 percent. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis showed that 17 out of 24 Iowa-based industries experienced growth in 2013. Since January 2013, the economic leading indicators stayed at 106.1 until May, when they rose to 106.4.

At Alpha Express, we are here to help folks in Iowa get packages moving. We have been doing this out of Waterloo, Des Moines and four other locations since 1989 when we started as a shuttle service. Open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, we want to help continue Iowa's economic momentum.

Committed to keeping Iowans stay in Iowa

Popularly known as America's Heartland, Iowa dedicates more than 90 percent of its land to agriculture. Iowa leads the U.S. in the production of corn and is only behind California and Texas as an overall food provider. Iowa has come a long way from the economic decline that impacted the agriculture industry in the 1980s.

During this time, households throughout Iowa were scrambling to find a way to bounce back from the shortfall. When the manufacturing industry lost 28,000 jobs within three years, options were looking slim. However, when Governor Terry Branstad passed the Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260-E) in 1983, community colleges throughout the state were able to teach students skills relevant to emerging sectors, like advanced manufacturing, processing, assembling products, and research and development. Since the program started, more than 180,000 Iowans have been able to contribute to this portion of the growing economy, and they've done so without leaving the state.

Manufacturing is a significant part of our state's overall gross domestic product (GDP)—17.8 percent. To put this percentage into real dollars, that is about $25.4 billion in 2010. Manufacturing is the leading source of employment in Iowa, with over 6,100 businesses ranging between non-employer and large corporations.

Iowa is a leader in renewable energy

Iowa's breadth of available agricultural resources has made it one of the U.S.' leaders in renewable energy. Our expertise in wind development allows efficient supply chain management and business climate, according to the Iowa Alliance for Wind Innovation and Novel Development (IAWIND).

While green practices have been slow to take traction in the U.S., that is not the case in Iowa, where about 25 percent of our electricity is generated by wind power.

Even though a state-wide alliance of private companies and local governments has made it possible for Iowa to provide the most research sites to test the newest wind technology, there is still room for growth in the wind energy industry. 

Over in Iowa, business is looking good

As a whole, the U.S. economy is looking up. The Consumer Confidence Index improved in June 2013 to 81.4, up from 74.3 in May 2013, while the Present Situation Index also went up to 89.5. For every American citizen who felt financial discomfort in the late 2000s circumstances are changing.

For Iowans, economic improvements are following the same trend. People are going back to work and are able to have an income to bring home to their families.

Recent months also showed improving stock values of local businesses, increased diesel fuel consumption and more weekly manufacturing hours to cater to the demand for these goods.

Based on those factors alone, businesses need Alpha Express to bring their inventory where it needs to go. We understand what it takes to be first in delivery and we are always looking for others that need our services, as well as those who would add to our growing team.

Our commitment to transporting supplies between Iowa-based businesses, their partners and their customers will allow companies to continue growing. Alpha Express is here to make the lives of Iowans easier. Whether we are delivering hogs from a farm to a restaurant or wind power equipment, each parcel will be treated with the utmost amount of care—24 years of experience shows that.

Where Iowans can find Alpha Express

Chances are, you have seen our trailers or cargo vans drive by your neighborhood because we have been doing our part to help Iowa's economy since 1989. Starting off as a shuttle service, we have evolved into a nationwide delivery service with headquarters in Waterloo, Iowa.

As a local Iowa delivery business, we are available to speak with customers 24 hours per day and offer same-day delivery by using our two-driver system. Your parcel could be sitting in Des Moines, and we will guarantee it will get to Davenport within the five-and-a-half hours it takes to get there. We understand gas prices aren't nice to the wallet, so we do all the leg work for you!

Alpha Express has everyone within the Midwest and beyond covered with a variety of courier services that suit your household or business needs.

We're first in delivery not only because of our knowledge of Iowa, but because we make sure packages go where they need to be. Weekends or holidays don't matter to us, we want to be there for Iowans and Americans from coast-to-coast, providing fast and cost-effective delivery services.

When we started our shuttle service in 1989, we knew that there was a demand for supply chain management out of the Waterloo Regional Airport. Many things have changed around here in Iowa, but what has not changed is our commitment to delivering your parcels. We know the economy here is only going to get better and we are honored to be a part of Iowa's continued success...  Read More

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